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USPS Shipping Label Printer [ Based on 4 Real Printer Test]

Shipping is key to any eCommerce business



In this post, we look into very details on USPS shipping label printer and we did 4 shipping printer test in order to find out what is work best for USPS.

Before, you show you the result, lets talk little bit about the importance of choosing right shipping label printer and what feature to look for when deciding the printer.

Table of Content:

Shipping printer is essential parts of eCommerce business today. As business grow needing of printer is must. There are 3 importance thing to look when choosing printer for your shipping and they are performance (which include two main factor and are quality and speed), price, and label compatibility.

Note: if you don’t have time to read this details post, although I highly recommend you read this post because it will save you money and hassle in the future. Here is Best printer for USPS is Arkscan for Printer and Jardo Label for shipping label.

We discuss in details in the summery of this article about performance, and price. However, I will talk about label compatibility now because this is the thing most eCommerce business owner avoid looking when purchase shipping printer.

If you bought printer that is required you to purchase only their own shipping label then you have make some real bad choice. Why?? Because you have to stick to using their shipping label and definitely they will charge high price for shipping label.

And this can increase your cost and you maybe have to buy new printer in order to avoid purchasing costly shipping label. So better if you can choose the a shipping label printer that is work with any shipping label so you can choose the best shipping label with cheap price.

Without further elaborate, I will discuss the best printer for your shipping needs.

List of Best USPS Shipping Label Printer

We are recommend the printer based on the test we did.

1. Arkscan 2054A Thermal Direct Label Printer

Arkscan is shipping printer which is 1 of the best label printer. It can printer shipping label, barcode, and many more. It is best printer in the market. It works really well with usps and any shipping label software.

It is very easy to use yet most effective in terms of quality and speed. It is best printer for 4×6 shipping label. Without further details let look at top feature


  • Compatibility – It is compatible with USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and shipping label software such as shipstation, shippingeasy, paypal, shopify, and many more
  • It can print high quality label with speed of 5 inch per second
  • It is all in one which mean it won’t required extra shipping label holder so you can save money there too.
  • It supports Fan-fold shipping label which is rare in other printer that support both printer
  • It can print minimum of .75” wide and maximum of 4.25” wide
  • It has resolution of 203 dpi which can print clear high quality label
  • Thermal label technology which no ink required
  • US Based support which include remote desktop supports
  • And many more

So, with high performance and all label compatibility, this make number #1 choice for your usps shipping label printer. And make sure purchase high quality label which is jardo label and this label 100% perfect match with Arkscan as you can see in the image below.

2. ROLLO Label Printer – Direct Thermal Label

This is our 2nd choice for shipping printer. It is print high quality label and with great speed. Also it is compatible with any thermal label. The 1 little issue with this printer is with physical, not software or performance.

So, the issue is that this printer must required label holder and required extra space which i do not like. Other than that it is as good as arkscan printer. so it your choice you can buy any one of them and for price at this moment is 10 dollars difference.


  • It is compatible with USPS and any other shipping software as of Arkscan
  • It is comptiable with any direct thermal label printer
  • Printing speed is 150mm/s.
  • it is comptiable with USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL and other major couriers
  • It can print 4×6 shipping label which is perfect for this printer altough it can print lenght of 1.57” to 4.1” lenght in wide.
  • No ink required as usual for direct thermal label printer
  • Have great customer service
  • It is comptiable with Jardo Label
  • And Many more

3. Zebra GK420d Direct Thermal Label printer

Zebra one of the well known brand for label printing industry. It has many different type of shipping printer. In this case, we are talking about specific printer which called GK420d.

The printer output type is monochrome and color it print is black. In used thermal label technology to provide high quality shipping label which is in general 4×6. It is very easy to use printer although there is great alternative out there. Without discuss in more details lets look at feature it provide and find if it is good printer for our label printing.


  • It is compatible with most shipping software although we didn’t test it since it is not mention in their product description.
  • Printing speed is great. It print about 5 in/sec
  • No ink or toner required as it case for thermal label printer
  • It connect via USB cable so no wireless connection
  • It print in 203 dpi which great quality
  • It is compritbale with both Mac and Window
  • Price is little bit expensive compare to similar shipping printer

Although, it is good printer, but with high price and some compatible issue it is not great option since there is good alternative available.

MFLABEL Label Printer

MFLABEL Label Printer is a commercial-grade direct thermal high-speed printer. It creates quality labels by using thermal technology.  It prints shipping labels for a number of major shipping platforms. It works only with Windows XP or above.


  • High-speed printer: Its printing speed(127mm/sec) is very high as compared to its closed competitors. It prints one 5-inch label in one second.
  • No ink or toner: It does not require ink or toner. It produces labels by using thermal technology.
  • Easy installation: It is very easy to install. You just need to connect the printer with the computer via USB cable. Then. download the driver from the CD and install the printer driver on your computer. If your computer has no CD room, you can download the CD from this link
  • Print width: It prints labels which are 1.57” to 4.25” wide. It is ideal for 4” x 6” shipping labels, ID labels, barcode labels, bulk mailing labels, and warehouse labels.
  • Automatic label sensor: It has an automatic label sensor that automatically catches the label and feeds it into the printer.
  • Perfect for major platforms: It is the perfect label maker for major shipping platforms including ShipWorks, Amazon, Paypal, Shopify, ShipStation, eBay, ShipGator, Etsy, Stamps, Shippo, and others.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, or above. It is not compatible with MAC or android phones’ apps.

MFLABEL Label Printer is a high-speed direct thermal printer, which can work with any thermal direct label. You can make customized labels for Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other shipping platforms by using this thermal printer.

Comer Shipping Label Printer

Comer Shipping Label Printer is a commercial-grade direct thermal high-speed printer. It uses direct thermal technology to print shipping labels for various sales and shipping platforms. You can print high-quality barcodes and labels without using any ink or toner.


  • Non-stop working: It can work for 24 hours continuously without affecting the quality of the labels. Its printing head is made of heat-resistant material which prevents it from overheating.
  • No ink or toner: There’s no need to buy expensive ink or toner for its working. It prints labels using direct thermal technology. It saves hundreds of dollars as it doesn’t require printer-specific labels. It can work with any direct thermal label.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all major sales and shipping platforms including ShipStation, Shopify, Ordoro, ShippingEAsy, Amazon, Etsy, Poshmark, eBay, FedEx, etc.
  • Suitable for Windows and Mac devices: COMER label maker is suitable for working with both Windows 7 or above and MAC 10.11 or above. 
  • High-speed printer: It prints 1.57” to 4.1” wide crystal-clear labels at high speed (150mm/sec). Whether you print 5 labels or 5000 labels, its printing quality and speed will not decline.
  • Automatic label sensor: When you bring the label near to the printer, it automatically catches the label and feeds it into the printer.
  • Quality assurance: Each printer is checked before leaving the factory to make sure that the printer you buy is free of any fault.

Comer Shipping Label Printer is a fast, reliable, and heavy-duty commercial printer. It prints all courier orders within 4 x 6 inches, including commodity labels, barcode labels, and logistics labels.

Micmi Shipping Label Printer

Micmi Shipping Label Printer is a multi-functional thermal label printer. Which is used to print product labels, shipping labels, and other labels without refilling ink or toner. You can print any kind of image or text on thermal paper by using this printer. 


  • High-speed printer: It is a very high-speed printer, its printing speed is 152mm/sec. It can print one 4” x 6” shipping label in only 1.2 seconds.
  • High-quality print: It creates crystal clear, high resolution (203dpi) labels on any kind of thermal label paper.
  • Free software: It comes with a free bartender ultralight label making software for designing your own labels. This software has full design capability for text and graphic barcodes. And this software is Windows based only.
  • Print width: It prints labels ranging from 0.75” to 4.25” in width and 0.4” to 90” in length. It supports both roll paper and fanfold paper.
  • Technical support: If you’re finding any difficulty in setting up the printer, you may contact our technical team. We provide US-based technical support via email, Remote-Desktop, or phone call. 
  • Zebra compatible: It is compatible with many models of Zebra printers. As it supports many software that requires a zebra printer only. However, it is not compatible with the DYMO 4xl printer.
  • Suitable for major platforms: It is suitable for printing labels for major shipping platforms including Shopify, Ship wire, PayPal, easy post, Shippo, XPSship, ShipGator, SY, Shipping easy, EA, UPS world ship, and many others.

Micmi Label Printer works like a regular printer. You can print a number of quality shipping labels on any kind of thermal label paper by using this printer. It is supported by Windows only, and not supported by IOS or android

LabelRange Label Printer

LabelRange Label Printer is a heavy-duty commercial grade label printer that offers quality printing. It works like a regular printer and makes labels for a number of eCommerce stores and major shipping platforms by using direct thermal technology. 


  • Cost-effective: It can print labels with any direct thermal labels. Hence, it saves the cost spent on printer-specific labels. It also saves the cost of printer ink or toner.
  • High-quality labels: It can print high quality (300dpi resolution) Amazon FBA labels, Warehouse labels, product labels, barcodes, postage labels/address labels, standard shipping labels, multipurpose labels, and the popular 4” x 6” shipping labels.
  • Print width: It prints labels ranging from 1.5” to 4.72” in width and from 1” to 9.84” in length. 
  • Easy installation: You just need to install the driver software from the USB into your operating system and set it up. You can also take a guide from YouTube video 
  • Suitable for major platforms: It is suitable for making quality 4” x 6” labels for major e-commerce stores and shipping platforms like PayPal, Shippo, Amazon, ShipStation, eBay, and others. 
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows 7 or above and MAC 10.11 or above. It is not compatible with iPad/iPhone and Chromebook.
  • Automatic Label Identification: It automatically learns the label, catches it, and feeds it into the printer. 

LabelRange Label Printer is a wide-format high-speed label printer. You can print text, barcodes, and graphics in high quality by using this printer. You can print product labels, shipping labels, address labels, warehouse labels, and other multipurpose labels from this printer. 

Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer

Logia Thermal Printer is a high-speed barcode printer. It works by using thermal printing technology to create a full-sized 300 dpi label in a few minutes. It is used for printing shipping and postage labels. It produces courier quality texts and images which do not bleed, fade or smudge upon touching.


  • Quick and easy setup: It takes minimum time to set up. it is compatible with both MAC Devices and Windows’ Operating Systems.
  • Produce high-resolution labels: It has 300-DPI resolution and instantly creates full-sized shipping labels. 
  • Create durable labels: It creates durable labels that do not fade away upon contact.  
  • Fast performance: It has a maximum print speed of 127mm/sec, which makes it ideal for making thousands of 4” x 6” labels.
  • No ink or toner: It uses thermal technology, which eliminates the need for ink or toner.
  • Create clear labels: It creates clear and crisp labels that are easy to read.
  • Compatible for major shipping platforms: It is very compatible with major shipping platforms and online stores i.e. Amazon, ShipStation, Ordoro, Shippo, eBay ShippingEasy,, FedEx, Shopify, Etsy, and many more.
  • Saves money: Once you buy it, you can print labels by yourself and save thousands of dollars a year. 
  • Bonus accessories: If you purchase it, you will get a free logia label caddy, USB cable, power adaptor, and (100) 4”x6” labels. The label caddy helps you to get rid of the manual loading of papers. It feeds paper continuously through the back of the printer.

Logia Thermal Printer is best for making high-resolution shipping labels for well-known shipping platforms e.g. Shopify, ShopStation, eBay, Amazon, FedEx, Ordoro, etc. It produces crystal clear 300dpi labels which are easy to read. It is a high-speed printer; you can produce thousands of labels in minimum time.

USPS as shipping service benefits, Advantages and Disadvantages of USPS

United States postal service (USPS) is the only shipping service that reaches every address in the United States. It is run by the United States Federal government. USPS provides postal service in the United States and associated states.

It offers many benefits to its customers such as

  • Free package pickup: USPS picks up packages from your home which is to be delivered somewhere. This service is free of cost.
  • Free insurance: You can get free insurance of 50 dollars per package by using USPS. For regular customers, USPS offers 100$ fee insurance per package.
  • Safe and reliable service: USPS offers fast, safe, secure, and reliable delivery of packages to any part of the country.
  • Synchronized shipment process: USPS provides tracking facilities to its customers for their packages. You can track and schedule package delivery information by using USPS.
  • Day specific delivery: You can schedule a 1 day, 2 days, or 3-day delivery using USPS. Scheduled delivery depends upon destination.
  • International delivery choices: USPS offers 4 different international shipping services to more than 180 countries. You can avail of any of the packages depending on how fast you want the package needs to reach its destination.
Advantages of using USPS

There are many advantages of USPS over other mailing services

  • Flexible rates for small packages: USPS don’t take any fee for your packages. Also, it doesn’t take any fuel surcharges.
  • Free packaging: You can place an order for free envelopes and boxes online from the USPS store or you can take it directly from your post office. USPS is the best choice for items under 2 pounds. You can save on average 2 dollars per parcel if your product fits in priority mail packaging.
  • Priority mail flat rates: USPS has a slogan “If it fits it ships”, which means if your item fits in the priority mailbox you will be charged a flat rate for that regardless of weight or distance. This offer is beneficial for small and heavier items that have to be delivered at longer distances.
  • Free Saturday delivery: One of the biggest advantages of using USPS is it offers free Saturday delivery to its customers.
  • Delivery to Military addresses and PO boxes: USPS is the only courier service that provides delivery to P.O boxes and Military addresses. For delivery to military addresses, it charges domestic prices. It can be a real money saver.
Disadvantages of using USPS

Disadvantages of using USPS are

  • Not suitable for large packages: It is not suitable for volume shipments or large items. The weight of the package shouldn’t be more than 70 pounds and should be up to 1 meter long.
  • Expensive: USPS is more expensive than other mailing services for delivering large quantities of goods.
  • Tracking issues: USPS has some technical difficulties with its tracking system. However, it is working to improve its technical faults.
  • Long transit time: One of the disadvantages of using USPS is the delay in package delivery.
  • Expensive speedy delivery: Urgent delivery via USPS is very expensive and is available at selected places only.

How to print shipping label using USPS


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