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In this post ups shipping label printer

1. DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter

DYMO LabelWriter prints cost-effective, extra-large shipping and warehouse labels by using direct thermal technology. The use of thermal technology eliminates the use of expensive ink or toner. You can create labels directly from text in popular software such as Outlook, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Word.


  • Time-saving: It can print 129 high capacity 4-line address labels or 53 standard 4-line address labels merely in one minute. Labels are printed in a continuous roll format to save time.
  • Cost-effective: There’s no need for expensive ink or toner cartridges. 
  • DYMO software: DYMO productivity software enables you to print labels right from PC or MAC, even directly from MS Word, Outlook, and QuickBooks. It enhances printing capabilities including graphics and barcodes.
  • Suitable for popular shipping platforms: It prints high-quality crystal-clear labels for popular shipping platforms such as eBay, Amazon, iabol, and Etsy. It makes dozens of label styles for file folders, name badges, shipping, mailing, etc.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows 7 or above and MAC OS X v10.10 or above. 
  • Accessories: Box includes LabelWriter 4XL printer, adapter, USB cable, power cable, 5 rolls of extra-large shipping label, DYMO productivity software CD, and a quick start guide.

DYMO LabelWriter makes perfect self-adhesive extra-large shipping labels for popular shipping platforms. It creates USPS- approved postage. It prints 4” wide international shipping labels along with label styles for file folders online postage, standard mailing and shipping labels, and many more.

2. SPATA Label Printer

SPATA Label Printer is a heavy-duty commercial grade label printer, which prints shipping labels by using direct thermal technology. It works with all shipping companies including USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.


  • One-click setup: You just need to install the driver from Pen drive and it is ready to use. You can also print through it from main applications like Microsoft Edge, Adobe Acrobats, etc. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and MAC OS.
  • Ultra-High-speed printing: It prints at very high speed i.e., 160mm/sec. It is the fastest among all of its closest competitors and prints one print in only one second. Hence, saving 2-3 hours per day. 
  • No ink or toner: It prints by using direct thermal technology, eliminating the use of expensive ink or toner.
  • Automatic paper measurement: It automatically locates the paper with a dual media sensor to make sure an accurate position of the label. 
  • Language support: It supports English, Arabic, Western European, Russian, and many other languages. 
  • High-quality labels: It makes high quality(203dpi) labels ranging from 1.4” to 4.72” in width and 1” to 9.84” in height.  
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all shipping platforms e.g., UPS, eBay, Shopify, DHL, ShipStation, Amazon, USPS, FedEx, etc. 

SPATA Label Printer is the fastest ultra-high-speed label printer. It is compatible with most thermal direct labels e.g. Amazon FBA labels, Shipping labels, Clothing labels, Warehouse labels, Food nutrition labels, and various labels for physical stores.

3.FungLam Label Printer

FungLam Label Printer is a commercial-grade direct thermal high-speed printer. You can create customized labels through it from any application. It is compatible with any direct thermal label like Shipping labels, Amazon FBA labels, mailing labels, barcode labels, fnsku labels, address labels, etc.


  • No ink or toner: It creates quality labels by using thermal direct technology. Therefore, it does not require expensive ink or toner or ribbon.
  • Easy installation: It is very easy to install. You just need to connect the printer to a computer with a USB cable or parallel port cable and then install the driver from the provided USB. If you find any difficulty, you may contact our technical team.
  • High-quality prints: It creates high quality (203dpi resolution) labels at speed of 152mm/sec. It prints 1.57” to 4.1” wide direct thermal labels, perfect for the fanfold label, roll label, product labels, 4 x 6 shipping labels, barcode labels, etc.
  • Perfect for major platforms: It is compatible with all major shipping and sales platforms such as Shopify, Poshmark, Amazon, eBay, ShippingEasy, Etsy, ShipStation, FedEx, etc.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all Windows and MAC operating systems. However, it does not support Chrome OS system.

FungLam Label Printer is the fastest, economical, multi-functional, and most reliable direct thermal label printer. It works like a regular thermal printer and it is designed to print product labels, shipping labels, and other labels for major sales and shipping platforms.

3. Phomemo Label Printer

Phomemo Label Printer is a direct thermal high-speed printer. It is highly recommendable for making high volume shipping labels as it can work consistently for more than 12 hours. You can make customized labels directly from the MAC address book and Microsoft.


  • Cost-effective: It saves hundreds of dollars as it can work with any thermal direct label. Hence, there is no need for special label rolls for this printer. Also, it does not require any ink, ribbons, or toner.
  • Automatic label identification: Insert the label, it will automatically catch and feed the label into the printer. Then, it read the gap size, label size, and other properties.
  • High-speed printer: It prints labels at a speed of 150mm/sec. It creates one customized 4 X 6 shipping label in one second.
  • Compatibility: It makes cost-effective labels for envelopes, packages, postage, file folders, shipping, and many more. It is compatible with all major courier and shipping platforms i.e. PayPal, Shipping Easy, eBay, Amazon, UPS WorldShip, Etsy, ShippingEasy, Shippo, etc.
  • High-quality prints: It prints high quality (203dpi resolution) crystal clear graphs and barcodes.
  • Easy installation: It works and installs like a regular printer. You just need to install the driver in Microsoft or MAC address book. MAC systems require driver’s permission. It is not supported by the Chrome OS system.


Phomemo label printer is a modern, cost-effective, and heavy-duty shipping label printer. It is suitable for high volume shippers and can work continuously for more than 12 hours without affecting the quality of the labels. You can create labels from it for all major shipping platforms.

5. Immuson Label Printer

Immuson Label Printer is a commercial-grade USB desktop label printer. It prints shipping labels for a number of shipping platforms and courier stores. It operates and works like a regular printer. However, it is not compatible with IOS systems.


  • No ink or toner: It prints labels by using direct thermal technology, eliminating the use of expensive ink, ribbon, or toner.
  • Print dimension: It prints about 4.1” wide labels including eBay/Amazon labels, warehouse labels, barcode labels, bulk mailing labels, 4” x 6” shipping labels, and a wide range of large-format labels.
  • Easy installation: It is very easy to set up and works like a regular printer. You can also install its driver directly from the internet via
  • Do not support IOS: It only works with Windows XP or above. It cannot be operated with the MacBook IOS system.
  • Flexible adjustment: You can adjust the printer according to the size of the labels.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all major shipping platforms including eBay, XPSship, Amazon, EasyPost, Paypal, Shopify, USPS, Shippo, Etsy, UPS, Stamps, FedEx, ShipStation, and DHL. 
  • Wide-format printer: It is a wide format label printer. However, it is not compatible with DYMO labels.
  • High-speed printer: It prints one 4” label in one second. The printed label is crystal clear and is of high resolution i.e. 203dpi.


Immuson Label Printer is a faster, smaller, and energy-efficient desktop thermal label printer. You can print a variety of barcode labels, warehouse labels, bulk mailing labels, and major shipping platforms labels by using this printer. 

UPS, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages

United parcel service (UPS) is one of the leading package delivery services, also known as “Big Brown” in the eCommerce industry because of its brown trucks and uniform of its employees. UPS has a well-developed network of logistics services to make worldwide deliveries. UPS delivers packages worldwide by using water, air, and ground transportation systems.

It provides several benefits to its customers

  • Good packaging: UPS provides bulk services to international and domestic locations. It makes sure that sensitive parcels are carefully packed to avoid any breakage.
  • Flexible parcel insurance: UPS provides full insurance of sensitive goods and other hard-to-value items. For a certain reason, if you want to stop an in-transit shipment UPS provides you an option to redirect, return, or hold the shipment. For this, you need to use
  • Time-sensitive shipments: UPS prefers to sustain the confidence of its customers. And makes sure that its customers receive their orders on time.
  • Synchronized shipment process: UPS provides tracking facilities to its customers for their packages.
  • Determining customers’ requirements: UPS knows well how to keep their customers’ intact. It kept its customers’ loyalty high.
  • Quality products: UPS always prefers to keep the integrity of its brand. It does not disappoint its customers and always provides them quality products. You just need to place an order of 100$ or above.
Advantages of using United parcel services
  • Flexible shipment options: You can schedule a shipment on an urgent basis via UPS. It will try to deliver the package on the same day or the very next day. However, this service is limited to certain places.
  • Affordable rates: UPS rates are much more affordable than other shipping platforms. Their shipment rates are reasonable, especially when you place an order of lightweight parcels.
  • Volume discounts: UPS provides a special offer for bulk packages. When you order a large number of packages, UPS offers you volume discounts.
  • Advanced tracking system: UPS’s tracking system is the best so far among all of the shipping platforms. It offers detailed tracking for both customers and sellers. So, both of them could know where their parcels are at any given time.
  • Packing service: UPS also provides other useful services. At low costs, their employees can pack up your items to make sure that they remain in good condition during the delivery process.
  • Additional services: UPS not only provides shipping services but it can also notarize your documents, pick up your mail (only if you have a PO box), make copies, and even you can utilize a 3D printer (at some UPS stores).
  • Best for shipment of fragile items: You should always prefer UPS over other shipping platforms for shipment of fragile items. UPS packed the products so well that they arrived at their destination safely.
Disadvantages of using United Parcel Service
  • Not suitable for heavy packages: UPS is much more suitable for the shipping of light packages. The heavy packages can be a bit more expensive when ordered using UPS.
  • No free package pickup: UPS does not offer a free package pickup. You have to pay a decent amount before you pick up your package. However, UPS’s package pickup fee is less than that of FedEx’s.
  • Heavy fees on heavier packages: UPS adds a lot of surcharges on heavier packages, especially for international shipments. Before you place your order through UPS, keep in mind the weight of the packages you’re shipping out.
  • No free Saturday delivery: The major drawback of using UPS is that it doesn’t offer free Saturday delivery. If you want your package to be delivered on Saturday, you have to pay an extra fee. If you do not pay an extra fee, you will find that your shipment is dramatically slowed down.
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