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ShipStation vs Shippo vs ShippingEasy -2020



ShipStation vs Shippo vs ShippingEasy

In this post, I will discuss in details about shipstation vs shippo vs shippingeasy

Shipping software are established in order to respond to shipping requirement in local and international coverage. Some of shipping software are more likely for star-up business, others are more reliable for enterprise that ship a huge volume of package per month.

Our comparative report allows you to select the most reliable shipping service. You have to consider all details about your company needs and customer requirement.

ShipStation vs Shippo vs ShippingEasy

Let’s see panorama of features, available options, pricing, advantages and the more reliable activities on each of these 3 shipping software : Shipstation, Shippo and ShippingEasy.


Best for

ShipStation is web-based shipping software designed for multi-channel merchants and it’s reliable for several society categories, such as :

  • Anyone who sells on multiple platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, WooCommerce
  • Other platforms that ships packages and can save time and money with ShipStation.
  • ShipStation is proving to be the ideal shipping solution for an online business that only ships a few orders per month to well-established brands that handle thousands of packages.
  • But it covers also enterprise with huge volume of shipping per month.

Features and functionnalities

  • Custom displays

Convenient for tailoring the user interface to your liking, allows you to choose what you want to see and set it via the Show option, set sizes of interfaces and menus for your default page.

  • Automatisms

Allows to customize order fulfillment processes to save time and lower shipping costs

Option of orders setting

Each rule begins by navigating through settings and navigating your account automation rules.

  • Management of several carriers

Integrations with multiple operators to save from logistical nightmares. ShipStation helps manage order processing, print labels and track your packages. This software allows to login to preferred operator account and make all business shipments directly from the app. Besides, the shipping system is created to support national and international shipments. That’s not all, its features allows your society to create USPS postage account to print label.

  • Order management

You can import orders, add one or several carriers before to create shipping labels with Shipstation. Apart from that, it’s possible to import order data from over 40 sales channels. With its automatic updates of each electronic store with shipment status and tracking information, you can improve your activities.

The one-click returns management allows to automatically print a return label for each package.

  • Integrations

Integration with a lot of marketplaces, shopping carts and e-commerce platforms (Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Weebly, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, PayPal, Quickbooks)

As retailer, you have possibility to import other order via custom store.

  • Report

Analytical functionality such as data export, default reports, barcode scans, keyboard shortcuts, charts and graphs.

Report option uncludes : Details of the order, Delivery fees, Inventory reports, Sales trends, Product strengths, Postage history.

Ease of use

  • Automated udpating
  • Integration with over 150 of the most popular markets, shopping carts and carriers for ease of choice and to promote your sales channels
  • Personalization of pages, automation or management of returns
  • Guides and help when navigating such as : Shipstation help guide, Integration help guide, Shipstation mobile help guide, Troubleshooting guide, Forum
  • It has an easy to use administration panel, it is very useful for comparing shipping costs and you can also integrate it with many ecommerce platforms.

Customer support

Customer support ensure all needs along the navigation, integration and label creation. Customer support includes : live chat, email and community forum support.


With Shipstation, all princing formulas include forum support.

There is 6 pricing plans with Shipstation solution :

  • Starter : $ 9 per month for 50 shipments and 1 user account
  • Bronze : $ 25 per month for 500 shipments and access to brand label
  • Silver : $ 45 per month for 1500 shipments, access to 2 user accounts and with all Bronze options
  • Gold : $ 65 per month for 3000 shipments, with 3 users and all Silver pack plus live chat support
  • Platinum : $ 95 per month for 6000 shipments 5 users and brand labels, support includes live chat, email and community forum support
  • Business Plan : 145 for an unlimited number of shipments each month, get access to packaging and branded label and customer support includes live chat, email and community forum support.


Shippo features and functionnalities

  • Order fulfillment

You will clearly discover order processing with Shippo

Integration in your sales channels

You can connect e-commerce software to Shippo in few minutes to allows to Shippo executing all existed and unrealized orders.

CSV file creation with automatical edited column in future doawnloading.

Connect carrier

This is to connect to the operators you want amongst 55 global scale carriers, regarding to the parcel you send, destination of your shipment and to your location. Universal transporters are more than 55.

Label printing

Considering available address, package weight and length.

Selection of the printing apparel  depending of the label format.


Select your delivery option by previewing the operator’s pricing formulas.

If you have chosen severals carriers, make comparison about eahc price before to select one.

Shipping with USPS or DHL Express and have a precise pick-up date.

Partial realization with Shippo allows you to segment some package in multiple orders due to unavailable stock ; you can acces to transaction recap of all.

  • Integration of inventory management

The company works in close cooperation with a number of inventory management companies such as Freestyle Solutions, Picqer, Duoplane, ecomdash, and many others. The system provides multi-channel solution that allows merchant to manage his orders, his stock shelves as well as his shipping.

  • Customization

Customization of several features with Shippo.

Page tracking is an efficient and customizable feature according to your activity demand.

Also, retailers can customize email notification in order to offer friendly content dedicated to client.

  • Analysis reports

More than one online merchant would like to keep tabs on their shipping costs, the number of labels printed and the average price to each shipment. If you are one of them, Shippo is the ideal shipping software for you. All of these interesting details are visible in Shippo functionality.

Customer support

Expert teams are supporting you in case of any concerns or in need of more assistance. There are : Help Center, Resource Center, Email: Retailers can ask questions via email at any time, API Support.


Free address verification in United States and discounts available for all formulas.

  • Pay As You Go : No commitment : single shipment is only 5 ¢ + shipping price. Integration service: unlimited integrations with shopping cart platforms used in shipping management. Optional insurance: for 1% of the package value. Discounts: reductions by DHL Express and UPS, savings up to 90% of shipping cost. Free address validation in United States
  • Professional plan : monthly price for $ 10 and no billing of 5 ¢ for each shipment, management of up to 5 staff accounts, customization of shipment labels, page tracking and email notifications, access to “Live chat support“, 30 days free trial, $ 0.08 cents to verify a global address for shipping, address validation in the United States is still free!
  • Premier Plan : address verification fee is $ 0.06 per address for non US contries ; expert teams for assistance, management of 15 staff accounts, order processing with the Batch Endpoint API, multi-room shipping service, package tracking and address verification, parcel tracking services is for $ 0.01 per shipment.

Ease of use

  • Simplified returns : handling returns solution, automatic creation of return labels
  • More than 55 operator : over 55 transporter companies and almost 25 shopping carts, multi-operator channel siolution, you can manage shipping needs from a single entry.
  • Facility of access : intuitiveshipping software with your virtual merchant, step-by-step guides, simple and practical functionality.
  • Low cost shipping : bestsolutions to connect small business with cheap shipping deals. You can benefit from significant discounts from affiliated transporter.
  • Flexible pricing plan : no monthly commitmentwith Pay as you go formula Shippo and fairly organized platform for advanced formula.

Best for

Shippo is best software servoce for small business and local activity bu also for global shipping.


How to use ShippingEasy

  • Navigate in automatized interface and no bugs system.
  • Here is step by step usage of ShippingEasy software
  • Introduce your e-commerce option, for instance Shopify online store, by using your Shopify URL.
  • Install ShippingEasy app from the Shopify app store
  • Select “Sync” in ShippingEasy and your Shopify orders should be transmitted in  ShippingEasy platform.
  • Select “Create shipments”, “Shipments” tab to set your shipping option, such as : chosen carrier, price, type of packaging you want to choose, shipping weight.
  • Purchase and print your shipping labels incuding : selection lists, shipping labels, packing slips.
  • Customers’ orders are ready !

Features and funtionnalities

These features below are in paid plans of ShippingEasy :

Shipping process

  • Multi-channel synchronization to manage orders from all sales channels in real time
  • Automatic and branded confirmation emails with package tracking
  • Shipping calculator for rates and services of several carriers in real time
  • Shipping labels printed in batches
  • International shipments
  • Scan-based return labels and  return labels on demand
  • Discounted shipping insurance
  • Automatically print shipping labels after placing order
  • Custom integrations with API.

Inventory management

Manage your inventory on all your sales channels

Define low stock thresholds and alerts

Assign products to your suppliers, specifically for replenishing stock

Creation purchase orders inside your dashboard.

Ease of use

  • Access to Shipping platform via web browser
  • Easy to use shipping interface
  • Automatisms
  • Excellent reporting features to facilitate you daily task
  • A lot of native integrations
  • Available APIs
  • This fulfillment software is a great all-around app, specifically if you think to start paid shipping service.
  • Customers specified that its interface is incredibly easy to learn
  • ShippingEasy software works well
  • Handle package tracking system is provided by ShippingEasy
  • Customer support is impeccable when you need some infromation during navigation.

Customer Service

Here are realiable customer service with ShippingEasy:

  • ShippingEasy Resources
  • Community Forum
  • Share your comments
  • Blog
  • Customer Support Agents


ShippingEasy bases all fees on the number of per month dipatch. The best advantages is that ShippingEasy consider all dimension of business and activities. It is to say that its formula pricing is variable according your shipping coverage.

  • Starter / free formula : 50 free mailings per month, customization of shipping labels.
  • Basic plan : $ 29 per month, here’s what you will get, 500 shipments per month, access Live chat, email and phone support and access to their knowledge base, configuration and training, you can ship with all of their available carriers, discounted USPS rates, you can customize your shipping labels.
  • Plus plan : for$ 49 per month, you will get everything in the Basic plan, plus, you can realize 1,500 shipments per month, access to advanced and dedicated training, updated USPS cubic discounts.
  • Select plan : for $ 69 per month, you have access to everything in Starter formula and Basic plan, and can realize 3,000 shipments per month, you can benefit of an advisor tips in order to customer success.
  • Premium and Enterprise plan : about Premium Plan, for $ 99 per month, your business or your enterprise will get everything mentioned above (such as all options in Select Plan). Apart from that, you also get a huge volume of shipments per month, that counts 6,000. For Enterprise plan is created for companies that send over 6,000 packages per month. The cost is fixed at $ 149 per month, your business is allowed to ship for unlimited number of orders.

Optional service costs

If you society needs to extend the number of ShippingEasy features and functionnalities beyond existing options in your formula, ShippingEasy makes available additionnal fees for that. By paying supplementary monthly costs access to the following options:

  • Marketing tools that allows to specificiate each transaction

Marketing tool includes :

Multi-channel customer management: allows you tracking customers accross multiple sales channels and also monitor customer activity and communications

Customer segmentation: allows you to ceonvey more personalized marketing materials to specific sections of your audience and customers

Email marketing tools.

  • Customer management tools
  • Stock management functions to facilitate stock management
  • And tracking tool.

Best for

As the pricing is flexible with ShippingEasy software, the shipping solution is dedicated to both small, medium and also to a huge business in national or global coverage.

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