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Shippo Reviews [ Based on Test in 2020]



In this post, we are going to do Shippo review in order to find out if it the best shipping software for your business need and make suggestion if there is better alternative.

Shippo is an online solution that creates quickly delivery label. It’s an American software company that mainly helps save more money because the prices are cheap. With Shippo, it is possible to have an overview of all the online sales channels that you are familiar with. It allows merchant to access in reduced costs with USPS and DHL Express but also your own merchant accounts.

Recommendation: Although, Shippo is great shipping software for eCommerce seller and it has lots of great feature But as we compare with other alternative, we find out that it got beaten in price and other feature. So we recommend ShippingEasy as shipping software for your eCommerce shipping label needs. Note: This main summary of this post and for those who don’t have time to read whole post.

Recommendation For Label: It is important to get low cost and high quality shipping label for business as it is variable cost. So, we recommend Jardo Label which is high quality with low price and comptiable with major shipping printer such as Dymo, Rollo, Zebra, Arkscan and many more. We recommend this based on test on this printer I have mention here. Note: You can but this label in amazon.

The best part, your subscription is free of cost, no monthly fee or begged wallets! And there is no termination fee.

Shippo facilitates logistics, delivery or online shipping. Shippo is a multi-operator solution to take charge of the orders and order processing covers a global scale.

Merchants can switch among different merchants to comparing prices. For your information, Shippo doesn’t cooperate with companies that aren’t part of shipping standard. The American company only works with major transport partners such as: DHL, UPS, FedEx or USPS. There are other companies in partnership with Shippo.

Shippo makes premium shipping more special because the shipments offer “next day delivery” services.

And undoubtedly, this service is more useful by referring to needs and requests of your merchant site. Shippo is generous in action! With his high level of functionality, Shippo accomplishes uncomplicated coordination with your shopping cart.

Shippo features

We must admit that this part is the most exciting. Like other outstanding delivery companies, Shippo comes with online solutions. Shippo connects with leaders in sales channels, including: Shopify,, WooCommerce, Magento, Spree Commerce, etc.

If you use website founders with a lot of features, you are allowed to subscribe to Shippo. Some of these website builders include: Weebly, GoDaddy and other more.

Shippo is in partnership with DHL Express, Canada Post and with more than 55 transport companies. As you already know, it’s about more speedy shipping solutions. If you are seller which use the following marketplace sites: eBay, Amazon, Etsy, you will have access to great features of Shippo.

If FBA services of Amazon merchant site are a little expensive, Shippo makes available more economical formula. That means delivery is without delay and with cheap cost.

Order fulfillment

In this part, you will clearly discover order processing with Shippo. Let’s elaborate step by step the procedures of seller with Shippo.

Step 1: You have to integrate your sales channels

Procedure is the same for e-commerce sites or for online marketplaces. In this sense, you can connect them to Shippo in an easy and fast way. When connection is done, all existing and unrealized online orders will be systematically moved to Shippo. With Shippo, new orders will automatically start to be delegated to the platform.

If you don’t have any online store, or that your shopping cart is not with an integration option, whatever the reasons, you generate orders from your virtual store or you simply generate a CSV file.

Remember that before downloading this CSV file, you must make sure that columns are suitable before Shippo will import this. The great thing about this platform is that Shippo remembers column names for itself and in the future, you won’t have to done the process of column creation again.

Step 2: Connect carrier

In this step, you just need to connect to the operators you want to carried out your orders. And by referring to the parcel you send, to the destination of your shipment and to your location, you will chose between numerous universal carriers. Universal transporters are more than 55. Bonus: It is possible to connect to several operators at the same time, with Shippo.

Step 3: Shipping the package

Of course, before shipping you have to realize, you must print a label. In order to achieve this label printing, you must have available the address for the shipment, the dimensions of the package, that is to say height and length and weight of the package. To finish this step, select the printer to perform the printing as well as the label format.

Then, select your delivery option by previewing the operator’s pricing formulas. In case you have connected the account to several operators, you can see price differences of all your connected operators in real time. After to choose the cost formula, you can already select the transporter you want to deliver your orders as needed. Now, you have to print the labels and the manifesto.

Too easier! In addition, there are many other features that you can take advantage of, like shipping with USPS or DHL Express. You can easily choose a pick-up date so that you don’t have to go to a post office. It’s just perfect!

Apart from the fulfillment of the order, it is essential to see how to integrate inventory management?

Integration of inventory management

Through the partnership program that Shippo grants, the company works in close cooperation with a number of inventory management companies. They provide multi-channel solution that allows merchant to manage his orders, his stock shelves as well as his shipping. The tasks can be accomplished in one place. Shippo integrates with a few inventory management sites like: Freestyle Solutions, Picqer, Duoplane, ecomdash, and many others.


As an online merchant, you can customize several features with Shippo. Objective of Shippo is only to ease your monthly shipments!

Page tracking is an efficient and customizable feature according to the demand inherent in your business.

Also, retailers can customize email notification in order to offer friendly content dedicated to client.

Have you ever heard about partial realization?

When you encounter late orders, partial realization is required to repair this inconvenience. What does it mean?

In reality, buyers often place orders for out of stock items. Then, partial fulfillment takes charge of this part, technically.

This shipping software allows you to segment these kinds of orders into multiple shipments. Therefore, you can get the same orders from different warehouses and without any complications. You can see this same transaction in recap.

Bonus: Be aware that Shippo supports multiple staff accounts. Of course, by logging in as an administrator, you can delegate some of your tasks when you feel burdened with all kinds of assignments. Keep in mind that a shared Shippo account is the easiest and fastest way to work with your team. Isn’t that great!

Analysis reports

More than one online merchant would like to keep tabs on their shipping costs, the number of labels printed and the average price to each shipment. If you are one of them, Shippo is the ideal shipping software for you. All of these interesting details are visible in Shippo functionality.

Shippo customer support

With Shippo, you are not alone; expert teams are supporting you if you have any concerns or need more assistance in the process. With Shippo, you can receive reliable information with:

– Help Center: Shippo members can access to extensive content in addition to the full blog section.

– Resource Center: Also, you can discover how-to guides for smarter shipping.

– Email: Retailers can ask questions via email at any time.

– API Support: Thanks to the seasoned developers at Shippo, you can entrust them with a request for additional code.

The price

As an online retailer, you desire probably to use a cheap cost solution and that’s Shippo. The pricing formulation works great for all small or medium businesses (SMB).

Shippo offers a large range of prices. With Shippo, costs are started from the most basic.

Pay As You Go

By its name, Shippo offers a price without any commitment. If you are a little hesitant merchant, Shippo doesn’t add any monthly costs or any commitment cost. The payment is one-off and acquitted in advance. So you are not committed whenever you want to not continue with Shippo.

Know that Pay As You Go formula provides many benefits in monthly shipping. These are included:

No commitment: As mentioned above, single shipment costs only 5 ¢ added to the shipping price (5 ¢ + shipping price).

Unlimited integration service: The Pay As You Go plan offers unlimited integrations with shopping cart platforms used in shipping management.

Optional insurance: Pay As You Go formula provides optional insurance. The price is equal to 1% of the value of the package.

A lot of discounts: The Pay As You Go formula offers also a lot of discounts. International operators such as DHL Express and UPS offer different types of reductions. The discounts allow you to benefit in savings of up to 90% of shipping cost. For information, whatever formula cost you choose, you can benefit of the discounts.

Free address validation in the United States: When shipping address are in United States, there is no fee.

Professional plan

Your online store requires more features, the Professional formula is highly recommended. Why? Because it includes all features of the Pay As You Go plan, plus a lot of beneficial extras.

  • The monthly price is from $ 10 and no billing of 5 ¢ for each shipment.
  • Management of up to 5 staff accounts.
  • Customization of shipment labels, page tracking and email notifications.
  • Access to “Live chat support”.
  • 30 days free trial.

The Professional plan charges $ 0.08 cents to verify a global address for shipping. Keep in mind that address validation in the United States is still free!

Premier Plan

For merchants looking for custom shipping solutions, we outline the Premier Plan. Accessibility of all the features is me best part of “Professional” plan, and even more.

  • Global address verification fee is $ 0.06 per address and there is no fee for validation addressee in the United States.
  • Expert teams for assistance.
  • Management of 15 staff accounts.
  • Order processing with the Batch Endpoint API.
  • Multi-room shipping service.
  • Possibility of package tracking and à la carte address verification.

For parcel tracking services, the charge costs $ 0.01 per shipment. Know that with Premier Plan, overall price have to be defined according to the needs of business. To determinate the price, you have to contact Shippo support.

With Shippo, merchant can migrate in one higher plane, in order to break through new opportunities.

Advantages of Shippo
  1. Simplified returns

With Shippo, return is simply realized. Shippo solution makes handling returns relatively safe and transparent. Shippo generate systematically return labels.

  1. Extended networks of markets and operator integrators

With over 55 transporter companies and almost 25 shopping carts, isn’t that enough? All of this is to say that Shippo is an efficient multi-operator channel. Shippo software outperforms many solutions of shipping. Regardless the sale channel used, Shippo allows you to manage your shipping needs from a single entry.

  1. Access facility

You don’t need any expertise to integrate Shippo software with your virtual merchant. Shippo offers step-by-step guides. Shippo’s dashboard establishes simple and practical functionality. Also, this american software offers an integrated engagement service for new users to accomplish all necessary configurations.

  1. Low cost shipping

Shippo is apparently one of the few solutions that connect small business with cheap shipping deals. You can benefit from significant discounts from affiliated transporter.

  1. Flexible pricing plan

According to Pay As You Go formula, Shippo doesn’t offend its users with any monthly commitment. Shippo is a fairly organized platform for merchants with multiple per month orders.

Disadvantages of Shippo
  1. Shippo isn’t ideal for CRM

Concerning CRM, HubSpot and Mailchimp are more equipped than Shippo. However, it concerns minor defect. Shippo doesn’t have an email notification feature. Shippo has tracking page customization but devices oriented for CRM are more advanced than Shippo.

  1. The user interface is unsuitable for large traders

With more than 10,000 per month orders, you can’t use Shippo web application. To configure everything you need, you have to go through Shippo API but this setup can take up to a month.

  1. Billing concern

This issue stems from complaints of several users. Many merchants attest that they can’t establish reimbursement for canceled shipments. However, Shippo teams take charge of this concern currently.

Client reviews

“Great Shipping Solution

I like that Shippo is easy to integrate with e-commerce sites like eBay and Etsy. I sell vinyl decals on both sites and it is very easy to sync unfulfilled orders. The software imports the customer’s address perfectly and does an address verification before you purchase the shipping label. After the label is printed, the software automatically notifies the e-commerce site that the order has been shipped and posts the tracking number for the customer to view. This has been a huge time saver for me.– James A. He uses Shippo since 1-2 years.

Is Shippo any good?

Shippo is good shipping software but I think there is better alternative. The alternative is ShippingEasy based on my test and easy of use.

Is Shippo cheaper than USPS?

Shippo is cheaper than USPS as it offer by all other shipping software company. The reason is cheap because they got negotiate price with usps and offer discount for eCommerce business owner.

How much does it cost to use shippo?

At this moment, shippo is free of use but it cost 5c per shipping label pay as you go plan. But it cost more on professional plan as example $50 per 451-750 label which i think way expensive than other shipping software company out there

Can I use shippo for personal use?

Yes, true. You can use shippo for personal use but as it cost 5c per label when trial period is over and with shippingeasy you can able get 50 label with usps commercial price free of charge.

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