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PirateShip Reviews in 2020



PirateShip Reviews

Description of Pirate Ship software

Pirate Ship is a cloud-based solution that helps small businesses purchase stamps and print shipping labels for domestic and international packages with United States Postal Service (USPS) postage. Users can buy and print shipping labels in ZPL or PDF format and share them with their customers by generating a private link.

Some of the key features of PirateShip are shipment tracking, quotes / estimates, package shipping, import / export, and online payments. Lot shippers can connect to various e-commerce websites (Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, eBay, etc.) to collect order information and track item delivery. The solution offers large companies to send emails using predefined timeline-based templates and inform customers about the status of their package to promote transparency throughout the process. In addition, the centralized platform stores information relating to frequently shipped packages in a unified repository for later consultation.

PirateShip makes it easy to postage purchases, return labels, and make payments online by instant bank transfer or credit card. The solution offers customs forms to process national / international shipments and deliver batches to multiple sites.

Overview of Pirateship

Since the majority of national or international shippers have trouble making deliveries, PirateShip is created! In addition, the expense of postage with shipping software that charges a monthly fee, plus paying markup on top of it is not a better alternative. So, Pirateship is designed to overcome all of this.

The shipping system transmits the lowest available USPS pricing tier (commercial pricing). It also does not charge any fees or additional mark-ups. This implies that you just have to pay the shipping costs depending on the items to be shipped.

You will get the best rates for all services including Priority Mail Cubic which can save you tons of treasure compared to buying shipping labels on other software.

Pirateship features

The pack offered by Pirateship is all inclusive! Isn’t that awesome?

Let’s discover the available features with Pirateship.

  1. Integration

You are allowed to connect your e-commerce platform to get the biggest USPS discounts.

Then, you can import your orders into PirateShip from your e-commerce platform or any kind of spreadsheet to quickly buy the cheapest shipping cost. Some of these platforms are: Shopify, Etsy, BigCommerce and more other marketplaces.

  • Store integrations

Pirateship integrate directly with the most popular e-commerce sales platforms to make shipping seamless. These are : e-commerce store, marketplace, inventory management, order management, carriers.

  1. Automation
  • Referring to Shopify, system automatically marks Shopify orders as “completed” and adds tracking numbers.
  • Pirateship software works great with Shopify apps for recurring subscription billing like Gras or ReCharge.
  • The shipping system with Pirateship is ideal for batch shippers and subscription boxes!
  • Keep in mind that PirateShip makes easy to send identical packages.
  • When it comes to your Shopify orders, it’s possible to quickly filter and sort your orders in batches. Thereafter, you have the right to purchase multiple labels and as many as you need.
  • In addition, there is no limit to the size of your lots. Shipping is really fast and fun since you can buy as much postage as you need with PirateShip.
  • Automatic address validation and correction are USPS certified.
  • Address memory autocomplete and saved from Google.

Additional features with PirateShip

There are a lot of bets features

  • You can import orders from Shopify,
  • Download spreadsheets,
  • Enter unique addresses
  • The ability to schedule follow-up emails to deliver shipment notifications at specific times
  • You can generate labels in PDF or ZPL format and this function is suitable for all types of printers.

That’s not all !

  • You can also create SCAN forms at the end of each day. This document serves as a summary for all day labels or based on batch shipping.
  • With PirateShip, you will have the ability to print directly from any printer and anywhere in the world. This function requires the use of Google Cloud Print.
  • Public shares

Public share is part of PirateShip’s usage policy, as an online retailer, you can generate a public sharing link that will be helpful in sending your labels to someone else.

Keep in mind that for return labels, they are pay-as-you-go to allow customers easy returns

No need to worry about customs complications anymore. Indeed, customs forms are simple in order to make international shipping simple and convenient.

Other papers … You will have access to additional modules, for example insurance, signature confirmation and more. Other documents can be viewed by browsing the Pirateship site.


  • Flexible payment methods

Pay with your credit card and only pay when you ship!

  • Manage finances

Maintaining your parcel shipping finances is simple. Download all previous invoices, receipts and transaction records.


You will have the chance to access commercial pricing for all services.

  • USPS shipping rates

Retail pricing

This rate plan is the tier of the most onerous shipping rate, and is what you will pay if you purchase shipping from USPS at the post office or on

Commercial pricing: Priority Mail Cubic

This is the lowest shipping rate recommended by USPS. As part of this pricing formula, you will have savings of up to 90% on small packages. This discount is thanks to a secret service unlocked by this pricing rank, Priority Mail Cubic.

This cheapest way allows to ship small packages from 1 to 20 lbs.

  • First Class Package

This second category is the cheapest service for packages weighing 15.9 oz or less

  • First Class Package International

First Class Package International is the cheapest way to ship internationally

That’s not all, you have the option to choose from other shipping services including flat rate priority mail, multimedia mail, and more!

The advantages of PirateShip

With Pirateship, there are a lot of advantages.

  • 100% free, easy to install and use.

You can start shipping in seconds! With PirateShip, the best features are free!

  • USPS and cheapest rates

In fact, everyone deserves the USPS and cheapest rates. Once in navigation, it is possible to have a clear panorama. You will have the opportunity to benefit from the cheapest USPS rates and no surcharge to access all related functionality.

  • 90% of savings

As a retailer, you will have the best prices available on every USPS shipping service. On top of that, you will have savings of up to 90%

If you use the Shopify platform for your online store, the benefit only doubles. And yes, you can connect Shopify in just a few steps which take no more than 5 minutes.

So, don’t wait any longer to connect your Shopify account to get multiple shipping labels. In addition, and the most important is to be able to generate SCAN forms for each end of the day. This system allows reducing your daily task.

  • No additional fees or monthly costs for shipping

To cover it all up, PirateShip uses the best shipping prices for USPS. This system does not require any markup or additional costs.

  • The app is really easy to use
  • Installation is completely free.

PirateShip does not have support in French for some developers but you must make the request in English. Either way, the gap is smaller.

Customer reviews

“PirateShip has really made shipping a lot easier, as Coty T. explains in his review. One-off shipments and international shipments just as easy to fulfill! In addition, the customer service through them is second to none, and this customer highly recommends everyone to benefit from the services offered.

Above all, this loyal customer appreciates the pricing on PirateShip. The system grants the best shipping prices. This law also applies in relation to eBay and PayPal shipping charges at the time of shipment through the store of your preference.

That’s not all, customer service is the best you could ask for. At the time of subscription, they accompany you and are always present at all times. They are behind your back every step of the way to make sure you are well supported.” Coty T.

“This customer saw that some review recommended the label printer he was interested in. As soon as the printer arrived at her home, the customer directly installed it, and she and she browsed the PirateShip site without waiting to give it a try.

Thinking this was the fastest, easiest way to test the printer and download shipping labels, I jumped into action. Result? It really was, quick and easy. As Shannon A. announces, she was able to get all the labeled orders in one step. I am writing this positive review because I am speculating that PirateShip is really great and deserves all the extra work. It’s still not enough to tell how much I appreciate this platform.” Shannon A.

“We are a subscription box company and it is a pleasure to work with PirateShip software to design all the shipping labels we need. One of the positive points is that the PirateShip platform integrates with Cratejoy, the site used by our company to manage our subscriptions. For this purpose, PirateShip considerably facilitates the printing of labels in batches. This impression is systematically sorted according to several elements such as subscription products or even according to the number of boxes that a customer receives from our company.

The best advantages over our subscription box company are:

  • the excellent shipping rates of PirateShip
  • the existence of batch labels
  • the platform is easy to use.

Recommendation from this client: PirateShip is a really great platform. Our company eventually stopped using ERP, the mechanism traditionally used to administer inventory. Instead, the company made the decision to create the shipping labels with the PirateShip system. To encompass all the benefits of using PirateShip, the application is more intuitive to use and it is also equipped with better batch processing capabilities. This is the all-in-one solution that our company is looking for.” Chelsee Bergen

“I am a single owner and operator, and the service offered by PirateShip really makes the company’s shipping easier. With PirateShip, it is possible to buy and print the shipping costs for my packages easily and quickly. The company can even schedule order retractions if necessary.

Price wise, the pricing is competitive and the time saved instead of going back and forth to the post office makes this shipping system a necessity. PirateShip is a really wonderful solution for small businesses like mine, awesome software.

The advantages with PirateShip

  • The system has an excellent user interface, the design is fun and modern
  • Navigation is easy plus the addresses are pre-filled, and there is never a wait while browsing.
  • The prices are competitive and various discounts are offered to certain purchases, which is much better than the post office!
  • On the PirateShip platform, models can be registered in order to benefit from more efficiency. Since my company sends a lot of very similar packages, PirateShip helps to save my preferences so that I don’t have to re-select the same products each time.” Alex pegg
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