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Paypal Shipping Label Printer [ Recommendation Based on 4 shipping printer test]



As eCommerce business grow, more and more seller are using PayPal as their payment option for customer and for need of shipping label printer for PayPal increase significantly.

Shipping is one of the main component of today eCommerce business and we want make sure that you can choose right shipping label printer and supplies for your shipping needs, so you can quickly keep up with demand and use less time for shipping so you can spend more time on selling.

Table of Content

  • What I recommend for PayPal Printer and Label
  • List of PayPal shipping Label Printer
  • Our final note on PayPal Printer
  • Benefit of using label printer
  • How to Create shipping label using PayPal
  • How to Print shipping label using PayPal
  • FAQ

Even though most eCommerce business think buying any shipping printer will meet the demand for shipping needs. So without research can cost business to lose money and customer when shipping delay happen.

So make sure to get right shipping label printer and shipping label so you can have better performance and better result.

In this 4 printer test study, we try to answer what is best shipping printer for PayPal. We have focused on 3 key factor and they are performance, quality, shipping label compatibility.

Here is list Best Paypal Shipping Label Printer

here it is

Zebra – GX420d 

Zebra – GX420d is a direct thermal desktop printer that prints shipping labels, barcodes, wrist bands, tags, etc. It prints labels by using thermal technology. It is equipped with advanced options like wireless Bluetooth connectivity and ethernet.


  • Easy to use: It connects via serial, USB, or parallel port to your operating system.
  • No ink or toner: It is cost-effective as it doesn’t require any ink or toner. It works by using direct thermal technology. 
  • Easy to install: You just need to install the driver in Microsoft or MAC. MAC systems require driver’s permission.
  • High-speed printer: It saves a lot of your time by printing labels at a speed of 152mm/sec. It prints a 6-inch label in one second.
  • PC and MAC: It is compatible with Windows 10 or above, Linux system using CUPS printer drivers, and MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above.
  • High-quality labels: It makes high-quality shipping, file folder, address, barcode, binder, and mailing labels as well as receipts, name tags, and wristbands.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with all major shipping platforms and e-commerce stores.
  • Automatic peeler: It has an inbuilt peeler, which automatically peels the lining from each of the labels.


Zebra – GX420d offers enterprise-grade quality labels for your shipping platforms. It supports a wide range of applications and helps you to improve profitability and efficiency. You can integrate it in every environment and can print high-quality barcodes, tags, wrist bands, mailing labels, etc. from this thermal printer.

DYMO 1755120 LabelWriter

DYMO LabelWriter prints cost-effective, extra-large shipping and warehouse labels by using direct thermal technology. The use of thermal technology eliminates the use of expensive ink or toner. You can create labels directly from text in popular software such as Outlook, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Word.


  • Time-saving: It can print 129 high capacity 4-line address labels or 53 standard 4-line address labels merely in one minute. Labels are printed in a continuous roll format to save time.
  • Cost-effective: There’s no need for expensive ink or toner cartridges. 
  • DYMO software: DYMO productivity software enables you to print labels right from PC or MAC, even directly from MS Word, Outlook, and QuickBooks. It enhances printing capabilities including graphics and barcodes.
  • Suitable for popular shipping platforms: It prints high-quality crystal-clear labels for popular shipping platforms such as eBay, Amazon, iabol, and Etsy. It makes dozens of label styles for file folders, name badges, shipping, mailing, etc.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows 7 or above and MAC OS X v10.10 or above. 
  • Accessories: Box includes LabelWriter 4XL printer, adapter, USB cable, power cable, 5 rolls of extra-large shipping label, DYMO productivity software CD, and a quick start guide.


DYMO LabelWriter makes perfect self-adhesive extra-large shipping labels for popular shipping platforms. It creates USPS- approved postage. It prints 4” wide international shipping labels along with label styles for file folders online postage, standard mailing and shipping labels, and many more.

Fangtek Shipping Label Printer


Fangtek Label Printer is a commercial-grade direct thermal high-speed printer. It can work continuously for several hours without affecting the quality of labels. It uses direct thermal technology to print high-quality shipping labels for eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.


  • High-speed printer: It can save a lot of your time by printing labels at a speed of 152mm/seconds. It can make one 6 inches long label in one second.
  • No paper jam: Its newly designed print head improves its efficiency to several times. It can work continuously for more than 12 hours without any paper jam or stuck.
  • No ink or toner: It can save a lot of your money. It doesn’t require ink or toner and works by thermal technology.
  • Multi-functional printer: It can print 1D,2D QR barcodes, text, and pictures at a maximum 8 inch per second high speed. Barcode mode includes: EAN13+2, EAN13+5, EAN8, CODE128, EAN128, ITF, EAN8+2, EAN8+5, CODEBAR, UPC-A, CODE39, CODE93, UPCE+2, UPC-E+5, UPCA+2, UPCA+5, UPC-E
  • Wide-format printer: It is a wide format printer, it can accommodate 4.25”(108mm) wide label, 4”x8” shipping labels, barcode, warehouse labels, ID labels, Amazon FBA labels, bulk mailing labels, and many more.
  • Suitable for Windows: It is suitable for Windows XP or above. However, it is not compatible with Apple operating systems.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with major shipping platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, etc.


Fangtek Label Printer is a wide-format cost-saving printer with automatic media calibration. You can make 1D, 2D QR barcodes, and shipping labels for renowned shipping platforms with this printer.

Meihengtong Label Printer


Meihengtong label Printer is a professional desktop tiny thermal label printer. It creates labels by using direct thermal technology. It works with any thermal label paper for creating labels for major shipping platforms.


  • High-speed printer: It is a high-speed printer with 152mm/sec printing speed. It prints 6inch in one second. It has a double-sided hole that prevents it from overheating.
  • Quick installation: Driver CD and manual are provided with the printer; you just need to install the driver from CD into the Windows computer. If your computer doesn’t have CD-ROM or you’re using Mac then you can download the driver from this link:
  • Automatic label identification: It can automatically detect the label, catches it, and feeds it into the printer.
  • No ink or toner: It can save a lot of your money. It doesn’t require ink or toner and works by thermal technology.
  • Print width: It makes 1.25” to 4.25” wide labels. The print width is adjustable in this range. 
  • Work with any thermal direct label: It can work with any thermal direct label i.e. Food nutrition labels, Shipping labels, Warehouse labels, Shopify, Jewelry labels, Poshmark, Amazon, Etsy, FedEx, eBay, Shippo, ShipStation, Ordoro, ShippingEasy, etc.
  • Windows and MAC: It is compatible with all Windows and MAC operating systems.


Meihengtong printer is a commercial grade printer that can make reliable and economical labels for you. You can use it for office software and popular shipping selling platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc. You can save a lot of your time and money by using this printer.

Benefits of using PayPal, advantages and disadvantages

PayPal is one of the fastest ways to pay online. It is the best source for transferring money between people and businesses online. Whether you want to pay bills, online sales, send money, or make a purchase, PayPal is the most suitable platform for all of such transactions. You can easily receive or transfer money from one account to another and can purchase items from hundreds of online stores from your PayPal account.

PayPal provides several benefits to its consumers:

  • Global use: No matter which of the countries you want to send money, PayPal is available in all 202 countries. You can receive money in more than 100 currencies. This feature helps you to extend your businesses in various countries and you can offer goods and services worldwide.
  • No membership fee: Another benefit of using PayPal over other online payment systems is the cost. It is free to use, you don’t need to submit any kind of annual membership fee, processing fee, or service charges. You can use PayPal for online shopping without paying a single penny to the company.
  • Offers bank services: PayPal not only offers the online payments but it also offers bank services like debit cards, credit cards, and ATM services. Its ATM card is called PayPal cash card, you can use the cash card to withdraw money from your PayPal account.
  • Mobile use: “PayPal Here” is PayPal’s mobile app. This app is available for IOS, Android tablets, and phones. This app is free and works with PayPal’s chip card reader, which connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. This chip card reader helps you accept payments anywhere you can get either a WIFI or cell phone signal. PayPal charges 99$ for a chip card reader.
  • Multiple Payment Options: PayPal offers the opportunity to input multiple bank accounts or cards.
  • Reasonable in the price: Papal doesn’t charge for setting up an account on ‘PayPal. However, it charges 2.7% of each transaction when you make a sale through your website.
Advantages of PayPal

Advantages of using PayPal are

  • Credit card security: PayPal keeps securing your credit cards and bank accounts details. Once you submit your credit cards and bank account details into your PayPal account, you never again have to submit that information while making any transaction from your PayPal account. You can shop from anywhere via PayPal without worrying about your sensitive information (credit cards and bank account details).
  • Flexibility: If your credit card is out of money, you don’t need to worry as PayPal allows you to set up multiple debit cards, bank accounts, or credit cards to your PayPal account.
  • Easy access to payment: You can withdraw money to your local bank account in three or four business days if PayPal is linked to your bank account. If you have a PayPal debit card, you can use that card anywhere including ATM to withdraw money.
  • Security: One of the advantages of using PayPal is that you don’t need to provide any financial information to the merchant. You only need to provide a credit card and bank account information once. If your phone is lost you don’t need to worry about unauthorized transactions as PayPal always asks to enter a PIN to confirm transactions from PayPal account.
  • iPhone app: PayPal is available at the Apple iTunes store. You can download the app from there and make purchases or sales anywhere you want.
  • Online auctions: Another advantage of PayPal is it is integrated with online auction stores. it allows you to place online bids and purchase safely.
  • Discounts: PayPal often provides promo code at its website and you can shop from famous brands at discounted rates by using that promo code.
Disadvantages of PayPal
  • Restricted transactions: PayPal has strict rules and It restricted the number of transactions. If you made a slightly suspicious transaction it will lock your account immediately. Then, it takes a lot of time to re-activate your account after a long frustrating investigation.
  • Expensive non-PayPal payments: Normally PayPal offers many free services. But it is very expensive if you transact payment from your PayPal account to a non-PayPal account. PayPal takes a huge percentage of the transaction (about 1.9-2.9 percent plus $0.30 per transaction), due to this it is a big burden for small sellers.
  • Bad customer policy: PayPal has a very bad customer policy. Their team does not respond to phone calls or emails on time. Even their representatives are not very helpful.
  • Automatic transactions: Some customers also report automatic transactions from their account without their concern. And there is no way to get back their money.
  • Lengthy verification process: Setting up an account on PayPal is easy, but it takes many days to get your account verified.
  • Vulnerable to frauds: It is highly vulnerable to fraud. Due to any suspicious hint, the PayPal account may be locked and the funds are refunded to the buyer even after the parcel has been shipped to his place. It is very unfavorable for the seller. Their complaint system is also bad which leaves the seller in a big loss.
  • Deduction on receiving money: PayPal charges between 5 and 10 percent of the total amount especially on eBay. This means eBay sellers not only pay the fees charged by the auction service, but they will also be charged when they sell their items and receive money through PayPal.
  • Not immediate access to payments: Sellers may find a delay of 21 days in receiving their payments. This happens to sellers who sell certain materials like gift cards, event tickets, or electronics.
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