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PayPal Fee Calculator in 2020 For Goods and Service

#1 Details PayPal Fee Calculator in 2020 for goods and service for all ecommerce business using PayPal and business in general that use PayPal as their merchant service.

It provide details fee for all transaction include international fee as well as PayPal volume discount available for PayPal merchant users. In one word, comprehensive PayPal fee calculator in 2020.


  • If you ask or sell $0: You'll recieve $0
  • PayPal Takes $0
  • If you want $0 after PayPalfee:You should ask or sale for $0
  • Paypal takes $0

How PayPal fee calculator for goods and service works?

The questions is how this calculator works or is it doing right calculations? let find out!!!

So, there are four selection you need to do in order to find the paypal fee as well as how much you want to recieve which is called reverse paypal fee. Our calulator desgin to handle both question and answer accuretly.

In later, we will provide few example in order to understand how extacly the calculator works.

So, four part which are enter amount, location ( domestic or international), Transaction types, and Domestic sales volume.

So, enter amount means amount you are selling for or amount you want receive after payal fee.

Then, Location which explain it self, transaction location either domestic or international

Then, Transaction types which mean how you got paid. Here are transaction types ” online, store location, nonprofit, micropayments, mobile card reader(swiped or check-in transaction) , mobile card reader(Keyed or scanned transactions), and Virtual Terminal” .

Each one of transaction type have different rate.

Then Domestic sales volume which is programs that allow business owner to discount based on their sales volume and it covered under PayPal volume discount programs.

Here are result look like

If you ask or sell for $Enter-amount: You’ll receive $amountrecieved
PayPal Takes $fee
If you want $Enter-amount after PayPal fee: You should ask or sale for $amountforsale

Paypal takes $fee

Lets look at 2 example to find out what is really looks likes.

Let Enter amount $10 dollars then here is the result

If you ask or sell for $10: You’ll receive $ 9.41
PayPal Takes $ .59
If you want $10 after PayPal fee: You should ask or sale for $10.61
Paypal takes $.61

Let enter amount $89 dollars then here is the result

If you ask or sell for $89: You’ll receive $ 86.12
PayPal Takes $2.88
If you want $10 after PayPal fee: You should ask or sale for $91.97
Paypal takes $2.97

Does this Calculate fee for eBay and works as eBay PayPal Fee Calculator?

Yes, it can calcuate ebay paypal merchant fee.

We have also built eBay fee calculator which doesn’t only calculate eBay fee but PayPal fee as well as profit that you can make after excluding all the expense.

Does this works as International Paypal fee calculator?

Yes, this calculator can able provide fee for international transaction.

So, what you want to is that select location and in this case international and select transaction type then it will able to provide the PayPal fee for that transaction only.

Benefit of using PayPal merchant service for your ecommerce or service business
How do I avoid PayPal fees?

How are paypal fee calculated?

PayPal fee are calculated in general 2.9% of the transaction plus $.30 on top of that and there is different few for transaction type and international transaction. For accurate calculation for your specfic transaction use our calculator to find out

What are Paypal fees 2020

The PayPal fees are different for each transaction and also depend on which location of transaction takes places. so for spefeic type use the calculator to find out. ALthough in general fee for domestic transaction is 2.9%+.30 and international transaction is 4.4% +.30

What are the paypal fees for goods and services?

Please use the calculator to find the fee for your transaction type.

How much does Paypal charge for $1000?

In this case of $1000 dollars transaction PayPal will charge $29.30

Does PayPal charge you a monthly fee?

No, PayPal do not charge monthly fee to use their merchant service. The fee is based on each transaction type.

Does PayPal protect the seller?

Yes, PayPal protect the seller under PayPal Seller Protection. Seller Protection protects you from chargebacks, reversals and more

Do sellers ever win PayPal disputes?

Yes, make sure you provide proof of product shipment tracking number and if it service then provide with proof of service you provide, types of proof depend on that service you provide