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Endicia Reviews in 2020



Endicia was founded in 1982. Endicia realized that they were able to go beyond their actual project. That is to say that beyond shipping, Endicia offers attractive services. Since this initial project, Endicia has continued in its research to invent many other products and services with the aim of automating postal processes and meeting the needs of its customers.


Our end-to-end parcel shipping platform simplifies all complex worlds of logistics for thousands of customers around the world, making it more accessible for merchants and e-commerce startups to global scale.

For automated shipping, Endicia offers postage and shipping solutions that save time and access the best rates in the US Postal Service. For the raison that shipping products can be complex.

Endicia is the number one of USPS shipping solutions. You can access heavily discounted USPS rates.

In addition, you will have the ability to automate your shipping process. And more, it is possible and hassle-free to integrate your e-commerce stores with Endicia’s platform.

The goal of this solution offered by Endicia is to simplify your shipping operations so that you can focus on what you do best.

Who uses Endicia?

The businesses that use Endicia’s software are warehouses, fulfillment centers, online retailers, and sellers on eBay and Amazon.

More than just a parcel shipping tool, Endicia offers a large number of products and services to help you grow your business. Here is a complete list of everything we can do.

The features of Endicia

  • Automatization

Keep your warehouse running and avoid human error by automating repetitive and mundane tasks with easy to configure shipping rules.

  • You can select the best rates based on personalized shipping rules and customer preferences
  • As a retailer, you can link multiple workstations and warehouses for better control and visibility
  • Automatic generation of USPS compliant labels and documentation for domestic and international shipments
  • Automatic address cleaning
  • Automatic publication of tracking information with ODBC export files.
  • Transparent integration

We make it easy to integrate USPS services into any warehouse operation, saving you time and money.

  • Support for warehouse, transport or ERP management
  • XML import / export and ODBC connectivity
  • Multi-carrier shipping and warehouse management integrations
  • Web services API.
  • Shipping creation
  • Creation of all documents

Package shipping labels, packing slips, and customs declarations are all generated for you. You print only what the courier needs.

  • Address validations

Reduce the risk of delivery failure by ensuring that customer addresses are complete. No additional cost!

Partners integrated with Endicia

There are hundreds of integrated partners with Endicia, as well as:

  • 3dcart
  • Shipstation
  • CFS
  • AllProWebTools
  • AMS Company
  • Shipstore
  • BigCommerce

Besides theses partners annunciated above, there are more other partners and they are 212 in total.

Fulfillment management

  • Customer notifications

Your customers will receive notifications regarding the shipment of their packages via email. Parcel tracking is sent to them once completed.

  • Pick-up planning

Endicia offers the possibility of creating or even modifying pick-up times according to your schedules.

  • Printing options

To make your job easier, you can print package shipping and documentation label formats to suit your printer’s preferences and features.

  • Package shipment in batches

So you don’t have to repeat the same procedures several times, don’t hesitate to print several labels at the same time. This functionality also improves logistics flows.

Endicia APIs or accessible developer interface

This feature is designed for developer; Endicia API is open to developers and enables companies to perform all key shipping operations.

Endicia API is a feature that is certified by the leaders in e-commerce and shipping.

About the Endicia Label Server API

The Endicia Label Server API is designed primarily to review but also print USPS shipping and shipping labels. As it is a qualified supplier and stemming from a single supplier, the Endicia Label Server API makes it possible to provide a truly unbeatable postal solution. It is because of its qualifications as well as its singular reliability.

Some references on the Endicia Label Server API

  • Calculates shipping costs

In order to calculate the sum of the postage costs, you must go through the “Calculate Postage Rates” technique, otherwise use the “Calculate Postage Rates XML” technique on Endicia’s platform.

This is a remedy that allows you to display an exhaustive list of all the rates available. The list depends on the pricing items submitted for the query.

  • Purchase of postage

After activating the account as a retailer, you are prompted to deposit a fund worth $ 500. This way, you can buy up to $ 500 worth of postage with a threshold balance of $ 500. By purchasing postage through the ELS test server, you pay nothing.

In addition to these features available on the Endicia Label Server API, discover a list of references accessible when you browse the Endicia platform:

  • Buy postage
  • Get scan
  • Status request
  • Get refund request
  • Get user signup
  • Get account, etc.

Go to the platform for more visibility of all Endicia’s feature and design.

What documents supports Endicia?


You can print postcards or letter with facility.


Automatically qualify for reduced USPS postage rates. No minimum shipment volume requirement.

The advantages of Endicia

  • Money saving
  • Discounted rate:
  • You can get automatically discounted USPS rates (this discount is up to 40% less domestically and 7% less overseas) with no minimum volume requirements.
  • As a retailer, you can save up to 40% on parcel insurance compared to USPS.
  • With Endicia, the integrated address validation eliminates undeliverable packages due to an incomplete address.
  • One-click batch printing for multiple orders: Presets available to automatically apply shipping preferences to multiple orders.
  • Obtain attractive UPS rates of up to 62% off
  • Endicia grants you, as a retailer, access to discounts on daily UPS prices
  • The discount is up to 62% on UPS 2nd Day Air
  • A discount of up to 48% on UPS services.

Other advantages with Endicia

When you create a UPS account with Endicia shipping software, you can avoid countless surcharges. This system saves you money.

  • UPS guaranteed delivery

You will have the possibility of granting an on-time delivery guarantee for your customers with small UPS packages (Express and Ground). In this context, if the package is not dispatched on time, you will receive payment or credit to your account.

  • UPS package tracking is available immediately

You will have the UPS package tracking information immediately and transmitted to your marketplace or store. This information is followed by a delegated notification email to your customer after the package has been shipped, but which is optional.

  • Easy international UPS delivery

The system offered by Endicia allows you to expand your business to global sales channels. Keep in mind that UPS International ships to over 220 countries and nations. There are better reasons to choose Endicia software in your shipments.

What is Endicia’s Global Advantage?

  1. Hassle-free international delivery

This system makes international shipping almost as easy as shipping domestically. The Global Advantage program is available to eligible Endicia customers at no additional cost.

  1. Hassle-free customs

We print the customs forms for you. You can generate accurate documents for international shipments.

  1. Ship the goods to the apartments

Save up to 46% compared to the International First Class Package

  1. Free service upgrades

Switch to Priority Mail International for certain shipments at no additional cost

  1. Reduce returned packages

Get global address verification for shipments to over 240 countries

  1. Free coverage up to $ 200

Get peace of mind with up to $ 200 coverage plus reimbursement of shipping costs

  1. Pick up at your schedule

Schedule free end-of-day collections and get more orders per day.

Automatically import orders from your marketplaces or carts

With Endicia, you can easily manage and ship your online store orders from an easy-to-use dashboard. Whether you’re using Amazon, eBay, shopping carts, CSV files, or something else, Endicia will grab your orders and get them ready to ship, in a snap.

Our direct marketplace and shopping cart integrations include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Paypal
  • Mangeto
  • WooCommerce, etc.

Apart from these marketplace and shopping, there are more other platform.

Reliable supports

Endicia’s supports are composed of expert in USPS shipping and technology support. These customer services are available as needed to respond to your question or request.

Our knowledgeable sales and support teams are experts in postage and shipping. Competent regional sales teams to help you choose the right solution for your needs

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Expert technical account managers
  • Shipping consultations.

Keep in mind that Endicia’s shipping software price per month is $ 17.99, plus other applicable taxes, if necessary.

You are allowed for a 4-week trial that is guaranteed before any registration.

Start immediately!

Customer reviews

“Endicia is ideal for home activities according to a customer who use Endicia’s fulfillment service.

Endicia’s shipping and labeling system is a better alternative to other postal printers. In addition, the features are very easy to use.

What I love about Endicia is that it’s an easy technique that allows me to print my postage at home. Other than that, Endicia does not require a subscription like other rivals like

Kelsey E. also states in her review that the software is easy to use and truly compatible with the printer she is using.” Kelsey E.

“Endicia’s software is both simple and awesome

The advantage is that Endicia has made it very easy for us to import orders from QuickBooks. The software also allows us to process USPS labels very efficiently. On top of that, the worldwide shipping from USPS is truly awesome! You can easily and easily create return labels.” Nate H.

“The handling and usage is very easy with Endicia

Endicia software is very wonderful! That is the review of an employee who works for a law firm. I couldn’t get used to the system until I started working for a law firm, says the client.

This is the area I am working in now and ever since I used the Endicia system for once, it’s really great. Since 7 years, this customer is with Endicia.

Pros: Regarding stamps, Endicia is a captivating software. Ordering stamp supplies, printing postage directly on envelopes, and the system works wonderfully with the DYMO labeler that person uses.

Cons: Despite the positive points relating to Endicia, the system has some drawbacks. Indeed, when the company switched from software to Endicia online, we had a bit of a problem but luckily the online support is great. So, we finally got the installation on multiple computers. Carole C.

“Endicia saves us a lot of money

In general, our company is very satisfied to be able to work with the Endicia program.

Pros: Regarding connecting our Shipping Easy account to Endicia account, it saved us a lot of money on shipping. This is the important money on every package we deliver. Our company realized real savings per package when creating the labels. The service is really ideal for our business. The process is also quick.

Cons: With Endicia there isn’t much of a problem, only a long wait at times for the refund of retracted labels. Finally, we are extremely satisfied with the service and the products offered by Endicia.” Andrew P.

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