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eBay Fee Calculator and Profit Calculator in 2020

#1 eBay Fee Calculator and eBay Profit Calculator for eBay seller. It is provide very details calculation such as eBay fee, Paypal fee, Profit, and Rate of Return.

It is provide latest ebay fee and provide profit based on selected options and category.

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What is eBay fee calculator?

Ebay fee calculator is tool that allow ebay seller to quickly find out the profit margin for their current of future products. It will allow seller to better decison on which product to sell and which product not to sell.

It provide details such as shipping charge that will charge to buyer as well shipping cost paid by the seller.

It break down price specfic cost such as Ebay fee, PayPal fee, promote listing fee if any . So you will be able to see all cost together.

It also allow you to selceted additional option such as ebay store subcrption, top rated seller, Managed payments, International payments and promoted listing fee so you can see extactly what profit you can after the all cost.

We have include all possible fee with category label options in order find accurate cost of selling spefic catory products.

Here are option selection with fee ( It taken from ebay)

1.Ebay Store(Basic or higher)

*if other- then fee is 9.15%
*if Automotive Tools, Supplies, Part & Accessories
–>if other then 8.5%
–>if Apparel & Merchandise then 9.15%
–>if In-Car Technology, GPS & Security then 6.5%
*if Athletic Shoes- if price is under 100, 9.15% if above 100 then 0%

*if Books, DVDs, & Movies- 12%
*if Cameras & Photo
–>other- 9.15%
–>Camera Drones – 6.15%
–>Camera Manuals and Guide -6.15%
–>Digital Cameras-6.15%
–>Digital Photo Frame -6.15%
–>Flim Photography -6.15%
–>Flashes & Flash Accories – 6.15%
–>Lens & Filter -6.15%
–>Lighting & Studio – 6.15%
–>Memory Card- 6.15%
–>Mix Lots -6.15%
–>Video Productiona and Editing -6.15%
–>Vintage Movie & Photography -6.15%

*Cell Phones & Accessories – 9.15%
–> other- 6.5 %
–>Memory Card- 9.15%Coins, Paper Money, & Stamps- 6.15%
–>Computer Cable& Connectors- 9.15%
–>CPUs/Processors, Memory(Ram),Motherboard- 4%
–>Desktops, All-in-Ones, Laptops & Netbooks-4%
–>Hard Drives (HDD,SDD & NAS), Monitors -4%
–>Keyboards, Mice, & Pointers -9.15%
–>Laptop &Desktop Accessories -9.15%
–>Mmory Card & USB Adapters -6.15%
–>other computers & Netowrking -9.15%
–>Power Protection, Distribution -9.15%
–> Tablets & eBook Readers -4%
–>Tablet & eBOOK Reader Accessories-9.15%
–>3D Printer Parts & 3D Printer Consumables -9.15%
*Consumer Electronics
–> Car Electronics Accessories-9.15%
–>GPS Acccessories & Tracking -9.15%
–>Multipurpose Batteries & Power-9.15%
–>Portable Audio Accessories-9.15%
–>TV, Video & Audio Accessories &Parts- 9.15%
–>VR Accessories & Parts- 9.15%

Heavey Equipment, Commercial Pritning Press -1.5%

*Music – 9.15%
*Muscial Instruments & Gear -9.15%
–>DJ Equipment & Pro Audio Equipment-6.15%
–>Guitars & Basses-3.5%
*Video Games & Consoles-9.5%
–>Video Games-9.15%
–>Video Game Accessories, Replacements Parts -9.15%
–>Video Game Concoles -4%

Top Rated Seller
-10% Discount on Final Value Fee

Managed Paments

If you have managed payment then transaction fee will 2.7% + .25c

Promoted Listing

This is optional selection. It will calculate your promoted listing fee only when you enter % from your sale price . Note, Promoted listing only apply to sold price not shipping you charge to buyer.

Also provide in depth category selection as per latest eBay fee so you have exact idea how much you are going make profit.